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Stalinism, is the idea of communism based on Stalin's law and order. Many say Stalinism is in fact red fascism[citation needed]. That is incorrect based on two things: Stalin disliked Fascism and made sure that there were no fascists

The Eastern Front needs YOU if you want to save the world from Fascism.

in his country, and it is a form of communism, and therefore it is not fascism, for any kind of communism is the opposite of fascism[citation needed]. Stalinism usually defines the style of a government rather than an ideology. The ideology was "Marxism-Leninism"[citation needed], reflecting that Stalin himself was not a theoretician, in contrast to Marx and Lenin, and prided himself on maintaining the legacy of Lenin as a founding father for the Soviet Union and the future Communist world[citation needed]. However, he changed it based on his own opinion, thus it had different rules than other communist governments. Stalin has caused some questionable things to happen in the past.

Stalin's supporters have argued the following in the interest of defending his legacy:

1#. He gave Russian women equal rights. He was the very first Russian leader to do so, despite what others claim. He included universal access to quality education and health care. Technical education was promoted and transport links across the Soviet Union were improved. Industrialization created many job opportunities. Women were given equal treatment in education and employment.[1]

2#. He made taxes lower and lowered prices for many common goods. [2] Inflation in the USSR was 2.3% when he was leader, yet in the USA it was 3.5%.

3#. Although Stalin was brought into the war against Nazi Germany unwillingly, the USSR led by Stalin did more than any other country to defeat the Nazi power[2].

4#. He saved Russia from becoming a backwater station for Nazi Germany when the Germans invaded Russia, thus saving the entire Russian race from enslavement or genocide.


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