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Flag of the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union (full name: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) was an union of socialist states which existed from December 30, 1922 to December 26, 1991. The Soviet Union was created by Vladimir Lenin after the overthrowing of Tsar Nicholas II and the Provisional Government. The Soviet Union became one of the most powerful nations in the world and was one of the biggest rivals of the United States. Before the Soviet Union had Josef Stalin as one of the two of their greatest leaders, the other being Vladmir Lenin, there was a coup caused by the man known only Leon Trotsky. Leon Trotsky had proclaimed himself to be a trusted friend of Vladmir Lenin, although he wasn't very well noticed by Vladmir Lenin as Lenin had not much in common with Trotsky. He none the less tried to remove Stalin from his seat of power by making it look like he wasn't meant to be in power in the first place. Trotsky made this claim by mentioning a certain document that he claimed that "it was a will of Vladmir Lenin that Josef Stalin was not meant to become the Premier of Russia and the USSR and Leon Trotsky was in fact ment to take up the status of leadership". Then he claimed that Josef Stalin had removed the document and said it never existed. Whether or not this file did exist, many across Russia were furious at Leon Trotsky for such a bizarre claim, especially since Vladmir Lenin had never mentioned such a document and had never brought such a thing up when Stalin discussed what to do when he succeeded Lenin. Thus giving Leon Trotsky no real evidence of his claims, despite what right winged supporters say. As to why they care, it is more the reason that they want to add insults on Josef Stalin's back story of his rise to power, although they are anything but correct. In the end, it was Josef Stalin who gained leadership.

The Soviet Union had free education, Healthcare, and had high employment which ment that there were barely any homeless people. The Soviet Union became

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, the man who created the Soviet union

one of the most powerful nations after the five year plan by Josef Stalin which became a major industrial power. During the Second World War the Soviet Union played a major role and was responsible for most of the German deaths in the Wehrmacht and S.S on the Eastern Front, liberating many countries from nazi tyranny and saved many Jews from concentration camps. After the Second World War the U.S.S.R became a major superpower and then had the Cold War with the U.S. The Soviet influence became powerful which resulted in successful revolutions like China, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, North Korea etc. which the U.S tried to turn back into a Capitalist Country but failed. The Soviet Union prospered during the 1970's which the economy was bigger than the U.S and people had a higher life expectancy.

Josef stalin, the man who made the Soviet union a world superpower.[citation needed]

In the early 1990's Gorbachev then betrayed his country by making it a capitalist country which resulted in an economic collapse and now has higher birth mortality rates to which is decreasing the population of Russia. The influence of the Soviet Union is still strong and many people in the countries that was in the U.S.S.R want it to be back to the Soviet Union which they knew that it was better than the government which they have now.

Why did Gorbachev do such nonsense? The U.S terrorise them with threats of nuclear weapons, bribery, and more horrible things until the U.S.S.R gave in. This was a grave mistake that betrayed the communist ideals of the great Soviet Union.

Many Western Propaganda criticized communism by making people in the West think that the Soviet Union was a horrible country which was a murderous country full of horrible people, even today people still think the same way about the Country which will always be remembered to the people in History. The ironic thing is, the USA never EVER mention what they do in non communist country's they go to war with. But when many saw the pictures of their war crimes, they held rallies against the government. Apparently, there were some american peaceful peace protesters during the Vietnam War years where J.F. Kennedy, a very idiotic nationalist american who was in power, had the protesters who were simply chanting peace phrases, and not much else, shot. To this very day the American government denies it ever happened. The only source of proof the world has now that the american government couldn't dispose of, is pictures that the american government calls "communist propaganda" and claims that they were taken by "communist supporters" and are being used against the "government of freedom".

150px-Is this tomorrow

American propaganda poster during the Cold War about communist taking over America if they succeed.

RA3 Soviet Conscript2sm (1)

Uncle Lenin wants YOU!


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