Socialist Workers' Party
Sosialistinen Työväenpuolue
Founded May 5, 1973 (1973-05-05)[1]
Split from Socialist Union of Workers and Smallholders
Newspaper Päivän Uutiset 1973–1976
Youth wing Socialist Youth League of Finland
women's wing Social Democratic Women's League of Finland
children's wing Varhaisnuorisoliitto Haukat
Ideology socialism
Politics of Finland
Political parties

Socialist Workers' Party (Finnish: Sosialistinen Työväenpuolue, Swedish: Socialistiska Arbetarepartiet) was a political party in Finland. The STP was founded in 1973 as split from Social Democratic Union of Workers and Smallholders (TPSL). STP emerged out of a group that did not approve of the return of TPSL to the Social Democratic Party.

STP had electoral alliances with Finnish People's Democratic League (SKDL), the mass front dominated by the Communist Party of Finland (SKP) but with little success. When SKP (and SKDL) split in 1985-1986 STP cooperated with Democratic Alternative which was founded by Communist Party of Finland (Unity) (SKPy).

In february 1990, STP chairman Pentti Waltzer said the party would join the new Left Alliance if Democratic Alternative decided to merge with it,[2] which later happened.


Year MPs Votes
1975 -- 9 457 0.34%
1979 -- 2 955 0.10%
Year Councillors Votes
1976 2 1 901 0.07%
Year Electors Votes
1978 -- 2 187 0.1%


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