The Socialist Party of Tajikistan (Tajik:Ҳизби Сотсиалистӣи Тоҷикистон - Hizbi Sotsialistīi Toçikiston) is a political party in Tajikistan. The party was founded on 15 June 1996, and registered on 6 August the same year.[1][2][3] The party publishes Ittixod (Иттиход).[4] The chairman of the party, Safarali Kendzhaev, was assassinated in Dushanbe in 1999.[5] Prior to his murder, there had been speculations that he might have intended to run for president.[6]

In early 2004 the party was divided, with two groups claiming the name 'Socialist Party of Tajikistan'. One group was led by Abduhalim Ghafarov, a Ministry of Education official, and Kurbon Vosiev, a presidential adviser. The other group was led by Mirhuseyn Narziev. The Ghafarov-led group, which supports the government, obtained the legal registration.[7][8][1]



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