Socialist Janata (Democratic) Party
Chairperson M.P. Veerendra Kumar[1]
Founded 2010
Ideology Secular SocialistDemocratic
Election symbol


secretary = Varghese George[1]

Socialist Janata (Democratic) Party is broke away from Janata Dal (S). This party is part of United Democratic Front in Kerala .


The Kerala unit of the Janata Dal (S) is a part of the CPI (M)-led Left Democratic Front. The CPI(M)-JD(S) ties came under strain around 2008. Things worsened when the CPI(M) failed to give the JD(S) a ticket for the Kozhikode Lok Sabha constituency in the lok sabha election, 2009. A portion of the JD(S) led by M.P. Veerendra Kumar aligned with the United Democratic Front. And launched the party Socialist Janata (Democratic) at August 7, 2010.[3]




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