478px-Ron Paul, official Congressional photo portrait, 2007

Official congressional portrait of Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is a controversial figure even among leftists. He is an open capitalist but some of his other views, such as ending the Federal Reserve and non-intervention, are often favoured by leftists. Supporters call themselves Ron Paul Revolutionaries and sometimes they all called by supporters and critics alike as Paulites.

Even though he is a capitalist, he is an open critic of corporatism. He is centre-right and libertarian. His fan-base is one of the most devoted people in the realm of American politics.


Some have called him racist and even Nazi. Other critics note his policies and political opinions are contradictory to the Founding Fathers such as libertarianism. They claim the fathers rejected the idea when American was under a Confederate government.

He is a public supporter of not just secession but the Confederate States and claim that slavery was the reason for the formation of the Confederacy.

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