Peruvian Nationalist Party
Partido Nacionalista Peruano
Leader Ollanta Humala
Chairperson Ollanta Humala
Spokesperson Ollanta Humala
Founded November 2005
Headquarters Lima
Ideology Peruvian nationalism, etnocacerism
International affiliation none
Politics of Peru
Political parties

The Peruvian Nationalist Party (Partido Nacionalista Peruano) is a political party in Peru. The ideology of the party is generally considered to be nationalism with strong ties to the Movimiento Etnocacerista.

Ollanta Humala was the Peruvian Nationalist Party's candidate for the 2006 presidential elections. The candidates of the party ran under the lists of the Union for Peru.

In 2010, PNP formed the alliance "Gana Perú" to participate in 2011 presidential elections.

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