A list of leftist wikis.

Website URL Founded Status Articles Comment
Anarchopedia September 2004 Active 5,760 As of January 2014
Socialism Wiki April 2005 Partially active 65+
Maoist Wiki September 2006 Partially active 373 One active editor continues to monitor activity
RevLeft Wiki January 2009 Dead link as of January 2014 425+ Forum is active at
Marxism Wiki March 2009 Inactive 15+ As of May 2011.
Socialist Wiki January 2010 Inactive 17 As of January 2014
EcuRed (in Spanish) Unknown Active 112.954 as of January 14, 2014 An online encyclopedia from Cuba. Registration required to edit pages.
Энциклопедию Коммунист.RuЗаглавная_страница 2009 Active 1050 Based in Russia, in Russian
En.Communpedia, The Communist Enclyclopedia,_the_communist_encyclopedia 2011 Several active editors 1,608 as of January 14, 2014 All active leftist users are granted administrator status
Communpedia, the communist encyclopedia November 2010 One active editor 951 This Wiki
Communist Wiki April 2011 Inactive 15 As of January 2014