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Internationalist Initiative – Solidarity between Peoples (II–SP) (Spanish: Iniciativa Internacionalista – La Solidaridad entre los Pueblos, Basque: Iniziatiba Internazionalista - Herrien Elkartasuna, Catalan: Iniciativa Internacionalista – La Solidaritat entre els Pobles, Galician: Iniciativa Internacionalista – A Solidariedade entre os Pobos) is an extreme left political coalition from Spain. It was banned by the Supreme Court 2009 May, after press reports linked some of its candidates with those of the banned Basque separatist party Batasuna. Days later, on 22 May, the Constitutional Court cancelled the previous decision.[1]

The head of the European Parliament elections list is Alfonso Sastre, a well-known Spanish language playwright.

The goals of the candidature are social justice, full democratic liberties, opposition to discrimination by reason of gender, and the right of self-determination of some of Spain's nationalities. The second candidate on the list is Doris Benegas Haddad, the sister of Spanish Socialist Party politician Txiki Benegas and, at number 10, is Alicia Herminda, a well-known Spanish actress.


  1. Lázaro, Julio M. El Constitucional permite presentarse a la lista anulada por el Supremo El País. May 22, 2009

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