This page is an essay, and probably doesn't meet the Common Point of View standards for articles. Some leftists may disagree with the statements expressed here (which do not necessarily reflect the views of Communpedia).

Here are some things you can do in your everyday life to help stop capitalism:

  • Do not buy things you don't need.
    • Think twice before buying something "amazing" you saw on TV. Think about if you really need it, and if you are not going to stop using it after a week or two.
    • Do not smoke nor do drugs. Drink as little as you can.
  • Buy from the poorest, and try not to buy processed (manufactured) products e.g, buy from the flea market.
  • If you need to buy a processed product, buy it from the smallest company.
    • Buy only products from national companies.
  • Do not give money to foundations, instead, try giving aid to the poor by yourself.
  • Use public services, instead of private ones e.g, attend a public school.
  • Do not become nationalist nor racist, remember the state is not the country, and remember a capitalist state has nothing to be proud of. However, you can be proud of your country's people, culture, language, but without thinking your country is superior to others. Remember not to confuse the country with the state.
  • Support nationalization and expropriation of industry, land, public services.
    • Obviously, do not support privatization nor foreign private investment.
  • Be careful when labeling an armed insurgency as "terrorist", remember most revolutionaries in history could have as well been called so, including the American independentists and the people who overthrew the dictatorship in Venezuela. Distinguish revolutionary movements and guerrillas from terrorists and mafias.

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